Choose Natural Rubber Boots Over PVC Gumboots

When it comes time to pick up your next pair of waterproof boots, you could choose natural rubber over PVC boots. Natural rubber offers a number of advantages and may be much safer than exposing yourself to PVC or other synthetic compounds used to make boots. At Wellies Online, we sell only 100 percent natural rubber gumboots and clogs. We pride ourselves on offering Australians the best in selection and price and continue our commitment to providing waterproof footwear at the cheapest prices available in Australia.

Why Natural Rubber

Natural rubber can be used to construct a boot sole, upper, or both. Traditional gumboots or wellies are constructed of natural rubber, or some companies will use a synthetic substance such as PVC or EVA. Natural rubber offers the best in thermal protection when the weather is cold. The rubber sole is also the safest for gaining a grip on icy surfaces. Rubber is flexible in the cold weather and is 100 percent waterproof. Men’s, women’s, and children’s boots found at are made entirely of natural rubber.

Natural rubber gumboots are perfect for outdoor work. They are durable and will stand up to punctures and cuts better than PVC. Rubber is resistant to alcohols, bases, and acids and will protect the feet when boots come in contact with most chemicals. Rubber boots are also lightweight and do not weigh down the foot whether you’re working or just wearing casually.

Wellies Online Does Not Sell PVC Gumboots

The gumboots at Wellies Online are all made from 100 percent real natural rubber. You can find gumboots made from other substances including polyvinyl chlorate (PVC) and ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), but neither compound can offer all of the advantages of natural rubber. PVC can be toxic. Chemical additives used in the compound are released and then absorbed into the skin of the person wearing the boots. There has even been some research that links the PVC in gumboots to chronic illnesses and developmental concerns.

Considered a safe alternative to PVC, EVA does not contain chemicals such as chlorine, which can be hazardous. Because of the lack of chlorine, EVA boots are considered more eco-friendly. The most eco-friendly boot of all though is the natural rubber boot.

Why Buy Rubber Boots from Wellies Online

As stated earlier, Wellies Online sells only 100 percent natural rubber gumboots and clogs. All of our customers enjoy the widest selection of such products in Australia. Choose from over 200 different styles with a number of colour choices as well. We have the best in brands including Pipduck, Otway, Bogs, Thomas Cook, and more. You get the latest in designer wellies, and you receive them at the lowest prices in all of Australia. We guarantee it. We sell all of our brands below recommended retail prices. If you should find an exact item at a lower price somewhere else, we will not only match it – we will beat it by 10 percent.

All of your orders are dispatched within 24 hours of receiving your payment. Orders ship via Australia Post, and express delivery is available if needed. When considering your next pair of rubber boots, be sure to choose natural over synthetic and choose Wellies Online over the competition.